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History of the Department

Yuvaraja's College started functioning in the year 1928. Initially only the two year intermediate course was offered with optional subjects like Botany, Zoology and Chemistry. From 1948 onwards 3-year degree course was started. In 1987, the University of Mysore with the idea of diversification introduced new courses. Microbiology was one among them. The department of Botany was setup by the great morphologist, late Prof. Krishnaswamy Iyengar. He was succeeded by Prof. M.Nagaraj, who later was appointed as the first Vice chancellor of Gulbarga University. Prof. H N Chamaiah who took over in 1968, continued to head the department for a decade. His relentless efforts resulted in the construction of a separate building for the department, opening of a green house and setting up of laboratories and a library. Prof. M.S.Srikantaiah (1978-85), Prof. B.Palaksha (1986-89) Prof. M.Chinnaswamy Reddy (1989-95), Dr.G.C.Bhyraiah (1995) and Prof. H.K.Sumithramma (1995-98) who is also an alumni from the first batch of PG students of the college, contributed their mite as heads of the department.

Restructuring of the syllabi is done once in three years at the National level. Senior faculty Prof. H. S. Basvaraju is the chairman of BOE and BOS in Botany. Prof. M.K. Mahesh and Prof. N.S. Devaki are members in the same Board. Besides, Dr. Devaki N.S. is a BOE. member of Microbiology (U.G.). She is also a BOS. member of Microbiology (U.G.) of Bangalore University. The department is well-equipped with infrastructural facilities for teaching and research in basic and applied areas of plant science including Microbiology.

Department has been recognized for research leading to Ph.D. degree. Dr. M.K. Mahesh and Dr. N.S. Devaki are recognized as Research Guides.

There are two full-fledged laboratories equipped with an inoculation chamber and culture room. The Botanical museum has a collection of over 500 specimens. The Botanical garden harbours more than 250 rare plants. There is a separate library in the department. There more than 1,500 books are made available to the faculty members as well as to the students. In addition, more than 3,000 books and journals pertaining to the subject are made available in the undergraduate Library.

Though the department is exclusively meant for teaching, a few teachers have made use of the FIP and have done Ph.D in various fields. The teaching staff is highly qualified and has to its credit scientific publications in National and International journals.

Several of our alumni have come out with flying colours in the examinations conducted by U P S C and K P S C (state level). They adorn prominent places in various fields. Cash prizes have been instituted in the name of Late Prof. H.N. Chamaiah, an icon in the Dept of Botany and was responsible for the progress of the Dept as well as the College, he died while he was in service. Prof. K. Gayathri , served in this College as Prof and Head of the Dept, and retired as Principal of Maharaja College, University of Mysore, Mysore has also instituted cash prize award to the student who secured highest marks in Botany. Cash Prizes are given to the students during the annual day function.


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