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Applied Science is one of the greatest achievements of man. A developing country like India is in need of good centres of education which impart science education in pure and applied form. YUVARAJA'S COLLEGE, Mysore has been known for its service in teaching science subjects to the young undergraduate students who are the custodians of the future society.

Bachelor's Degree in science is a three-year course. Maximum number of years to complete the course is double the duration i.e., 6 years In case a student cannot complete his course in six years, he/she shall have to seek readmission to first year with the permission of the University

Medium : English

Eligibility : A candidate who has passed Two- Year pre-University Examination in Science subjects conducted by the Pre-University Board of education in the state of Karnataka or any other examination considered equivalent by the University, is eligible for admission to the B.Sc, Degree Course.

The objective of the course is to equip the students with adequate knowledge of science through a judicious blend of subjects, both theoretical and practical. It has a number of special branches like Electronics, Computer Science, Hydrology, Microbiology, Sericulture, Biochemistry, Environmental Science, Statistics, Food Science & Nutrition etc..

The quality of instruction imparted to the students in this college is of a high order and the college bags a notable share of the ranks in the degree examinations every year. The college has, over the years, been instrumental in producing scholars of international repute, statesmen, lawyers, engineers, doctors, administrators & leaders par excellence, many being at the pinnacle of success have carved for themselves a niche in their respective fields.

The college offers the following degree and PG Courses:

Degree Courses
1 BBA Bachelor of Business Administration (Fully self  Financing Scheme (F S F S).
2 BCA  Bachelor of Computer Application (Fully Self Financing Scheme (F S F S)
B.Sc.,  Degree with the following Combination
1 BBM Biochemistry / Botany / Microbiology
2 BBZ Biochemistry / Botany / Zoology
3 BZF Biochemistry / Zoology / Food Science & Nutrition
4 BMBT Biochemistry / Microbiology / Biotechnology
5 CSBT Chemistry / Sericulture / Biotechnology
6 CZBT  Chemistry / Zoology / Biotechnology
7 CBBT Chemisty / Botony / Biotechnology
8 CBtEn Chemisty / Biotechnology / Environment Science
9 CBEr Chemistry / Botany / Earth Science & Resource Management
10 CBF Chemistry / Botany / Food Science & Nutrition
11 CBM Chemistry / Botany / Microbiology
12 CBZ  Chemistry / Botany / Zoology
13 CZM Chemistry / Zoology / Microbiology
14 CZS Chemistry / Zoology / Sericulture
15 MCSEr Mathematics / Computer Science / Earth Science & Resource Management
16 MSCS Mathematics / Statistics / Computer Science
17 PCM Physics / Chemistry / Mathematics
18 PEM Physics / Electronics / Mathematics
19 PMCS Physics / Mathematics / Computer Science
20 PMEr  Physics / Mathematics / Earth Science & Resource Management
21 PMS Physics / Mathematics / Statistics
22 ZBEr Zoology / Botany / Earth Science & Resource Management
23 CErEn Chemistry / Earth Science & Resource Management / Environment Science
P. G Courses
1 M.A. M.A. in English (Under Fully Self Financing Scheme (F S F S)
2 M.Sc.
M.Sc in Chemistry (Under Fully Self Financing Scheme (F S F S)
3 M.Sc.
5-Year Integrated Course in M.Sc., Molecular Biology
(Under fully Self Financing Scheme (F S F S)
4 M.Sc.
M.S.c in Physics
5 M.Sc.
M.S.C. in Mathematics
6 M.Sc.
M.S.c in Botany
7 M.B.A.
M. B. A.

The University may permit private study of a language such as Persian, Arabic, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, French, German & Prakrit by a student if there is no provision for instructions in the subject in the college and allow him to appear for the examination in that subject without insisting on attendance. Such students will have to pay an additional prescribed fee at the time of admission.


Evaluation Procedure

The University conducts examinations for all Degree Courses. The final assessment of the knowledge, comprehension and acumen of the students is made on the basis of written answers. However, periodical assessments are made at the college level by conducting tests. Examination will be held at the end of each semester.

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