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Environmental Science

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History of the Department

The Department of Environmental Science was established in 1994 . At the time it was included along with Geology department .. Initially Environmental science was started with other subject Geology and Chemistry (CGE) as combination, at present we have Chemistry Bio technology and Environmental Science( CBT EN) .

The Environmental Science is the upcoming disciplines in the recent times. Current environmental threats and the impending risks thereof and formidable global climate change warrant holistic responses in multidimensional framework. A multifaceted approach integrating natural science, social science, and emerging sciences such as environmental Chemistry, Environmental geology, environmental microbiology, Environmental Bio- technology. Environmental conservation and management and pollution control and analysis has become inevitable requisite of every region to work and implement environmental sustainability. In line with the current global environmental challenges and research agenda, the Department of Environmental science envisages research and post graduate programs. Some of the thematic areas include inter alia, Environmental Impact and Risk Assessment, Ecological Economics, Bioremediation, Industrial Ecology and Eco-efficient Production, and Corporate Environmental Management.

The department has advanced facilities including laboratory with good instrumental facilities, Charts. Visual aids, etc to cater to the needs of the students and to impart knowledge in them.

The department arranges regular industrial visits, visits to water and waste water treatment plant, social forestry, wild life sanctuaries, Bird sanctuaries etc. to the benefits of students to acquire the knowledge in various level.

The department monitors the overall performance of student through theory internal assessment test, continuous assessment test in practicals, seminars, assignments etc.

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