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Curicular Activities
Extension Activities

The UGC while issuing policy frame for the development of higher education in 1977 had stated that "if the University system has to discharge adequately its responsibilities to the entire education system and to the society as a whole, it must assume extension as the third important dimension of education and give it the same status as research and teaching."

It is belived that the education is the vital instrument that fosters overall development of the personality of the student and instills in him moral and human values. Society, culture, living conditions and aspirations influence education. only such an education become revelant to life and contribute to the development of the individual and the society.

To achieve this goal the college participates in various extensiion activities such as:

  • Community development through social service
  • Health & Hygiene awareness programme
  • Arranging Medical & Blood donation Camps
  • AIDS awareness programme
  • Environmental awareness programme

The college NSS unit takes active part in rural reconstruction through social service activities. NSS Special Camps are particularly arranged in villages to involve students, teachers & villagers in rural reconstruction activities.

In collaboration with departments of the college such as Earth Science, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Food Science and Nutrition, Botany, Microbiology, Sericulture and Computer Science OUTREACH programmes have been devised and are implemented in Makana Hundi, the adopted village of University.

The "PRASARANGA" a publication wing of the University headed by a Director, publishes books, organizes extension lectures and book exhibitions for the public. Some of our teachers contribute their share to these activities.

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