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History of the Department

The Department of Geology was established in the year 1928, when it was an Intermediate college. At that time, some important minerals, rocks and certain equipment pertaining to Geology were transferred from Maharaja’s College.  In 1948, the college was upgraded to a first Grade College and   Geology was taught as one of the minor subjects.  In the year 1958, Geology was offered as a major subject for the B.Sc., students.  In the year 1960, the Department of Geology became a full fledged one, well-equipped with rich collection of minerals, rocks, fossils and field-equipments.  These were used for the M.Sc (Geology) students too.

The following are the teachers who are currently serving the department.

Dr. M R Janardhana - Head of the department
Dr. M. Rudraiah - Associate Professor (on deputation)
Dr. S. Srikantaswamy - Associate Professor (on deputation)

The department has advanced facilities with modern teaching aids, museum and well equipped laboratories.   Remote sensing and GIS laboratory was started in year 2007. The Museum is a cynosure of all visitors.  It has rich and invaluable collections of more than 1000 minerals and rocks, 900 fossils, which were procured from different parts of India, North America, Europe and Africa.  In addition, the museum also houses rare Geological illustrations in the form of dinosaur and early man models, photographs of unique gemstones, artificially grown minerals like quartz, a rich collection of ornamental stones collected from all over the country, etc. The department has more than 2000 books related to Earth Science.  More than 300 books have been added to the library in the form of donations by professional Geologists.  These books are made available to both the staff and the students. The department possesses a good collection of teaching aids, in the form of LCD Multimedia Projector, Over Head Projector, charts, audio-visual CD’s, slides, etc. The department arranges regular tours to the benefit of students to teach them the field techniques. Students are trained in field aspects as well as imparted practical training in various aspects of field geology.  The department monitors overall performance of students through theory internal assessment tests, continuous assessment in practicals, seminars, assignments, preparation of technical reports, etc.

The course along with other branches of sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, Botany and Environmental Science) is envisioned to produce graduates having in depth knowledge in resource management of water, land, mineral and ocean. The perspective of the subject will not only provide ample job opportunities but can also lead to higher education in the fields of Earth Science, Geology, Remote Sensing & GIS, Natural Resource Management, etc. Man wittingly or unwittingly, due to his ignorance, mismanages the precious gifts of nature. This course, through its students, can create an idea among educated as well as the general population in the society for the proper and balanced management of resources. 

Prof. S. M. Ramananda Shetty, Retd. Professor of this department instituted three cash prizes to encourage meritorious students of Geology, in 2007. The prizes are being awarded to three students one each from the first, second and third year classes who score the highest marks in Geology.

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