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History of the Department

The Department of Mathematics at Yuvarajas College is one of the pioneering departments of the institution. Right from its inception nearly 9 decades ago in 1928, this department has striven to set high standards of teaching and has succeeded in this endeavor. Over the years, it has produced highly qualified, visionary and motivated Mathematicians to provide leadership in Educational institutions, R&D Organizations and Software industries. Mathematics graduates of this department are distinctly placed in reputed institutions and organizations both within the country and abroad. It was due to the dedication and relentless efforts on the part of a galaxy of teachers of the Department like Prof. VenkatachalaIyengar, Prof. KeshavHegde, Prof. M. Ramaswamy, Prof. L.N Chakravarthy, Prof. B.K.Srinath, Prof. V.M. Shanmugham, Prof. M.V. Sridhara, Prof. M.P. Ushadevi, Prof. G.V. Gurumurthy and Prof. L. Pushpalatha that the Department has developed into a centre of Excellence for teaching and research. These educators have also shown keen interest in social service activities like donation for free canteen, institution of cash prizes for meritorious students. Currently, the Department has Dr. H.N. Kanthalakshmi, Dr. S.Latha, Dr. Ruby Salestina, Dr.K. Shivashankar as permanent faculty and Sri B. Manohar, Sri Vinaygowda, Smt. Ashwini, Smt. Shilpa, Kum. Roopa and Kum. Jyothi as guest faculty. Apart from actively participating in the B.Sc. Programme, the Department offers the following programmes

Two year M.Sc Programme in Mathematics (from 2014)
Ph.D. Programmes in Mathematics.

The Department continuously reviews and monitors the curriculum of its academic programmes. The Department represents a wide spectrum of research interests . Active research is being pursued in the areas of Graph Theory, Number Theory, Fuzzy topology, and Geometric Function theory. The faculty members in the Department collaborate with other research groups and individuals. The faculty members have also undertaken sponsored research projects from the funding agencies VGST and UGC. During the last decade, the Department has achieved remarkable progress in research activities. The faculty members have published more than 120 research papers in national and international journals. So far 15 researchers have been awarded doctoral degrees under the guidance of the faculty. The Department also bagged the VGST award for Best research publications. The faculty members interact with various national and international bodies, research centers and Universities in the capacity of Organizers, thesis examiners, referee and reviewers for research journals in Mathematics in addition to participating and delivering lectures in conferences.

The faculty is taking active role in the development of the overall institution by leading initiatives in the capacity of Coordinators for IQAC, Science Forum, Jnanavahini, Inter collegiate Science model exhibition etc. The faculty members have further spear headed major initiatives, such as the Visit of UGC Expert committee for review of autonomy, Preparation of Documentary film about the college.

National Seminar on Vision and Mission of Swami Vivekananda, National Seminar in Mathematics and much more. Members of the faculty in the Department serve as the Members of Academic council, Finance committee, Governing Body,Web committee, Placement cell, Remedial teaching and other critical administrative bodies of the institution. They expand their service and expertise further in celebrating the National year of Mathematics by conducting Intercollegiate Quiz competition, Essay competition etc. Eminent mathematicians such as Dr. O.P Ahuja, Dr. Parvatham, Dr. Bhoosanurmat and others from national and international institutions have visited the Department and delivered special lectures.

In the coming decade, apart from strengthening the existing areas, the Department intends to develop areas related to advanced application research to help the students and the mathematics community at large.

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