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History of the Department

The Department of Sanskrit, Yuvaraja's College, Mysore has a long history of 77 years.  The department was founded way back in the year 1928.  The department began teaching the students of intermediate classes and  later in 1948, degree courses were introduced.  It  has made a name for itself through its sincere, devoted and hardworking faculty and meritorious students.  Since Yuvaraja's college is a Science college, Sanskrit is taught for the I and II year B.Sc., classes only.
            The department has had a good number of scholars and teachers, viz., Dr.M.D.Vasantharajaiah, Vidwan Sambhamurthy and Dr.N.Radhakrishna Bhat (currently the head of the department at Karnataka State Open University) Dr.Y.C.Nanjundaiah is at present the head of the department. He has worked as Chairman BOS and BOE of the college and member of BOE of Mysore University.


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