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History of the Department

The Sericulture subject introduced in the college as one of the optional subjects for BSc., students in the year 1988 to attract the young inspiring minds to pursue the higher studies in the subject and to become an entrepreneurs or self employed in the various fields of sericulture. It was attached to the department of Zoology when it started and it becomes independent section hence a separate department started in the year 2006. Since then the subject sericulture has stood against the testing times and now become a full pledged department with well qualified teachers, laboratories, well developed mulberry garden and well equipped rearing house.

Department of Sericulture is having five teaching faculties in the department among those three are permanent staff and two are guest faculties. All the faculties have good academic records with Ph.D degree and practical expertise in the field of sericulture. In addition three teachers are having Post doctoral experiences in Seri-biotechnology, Silkworm pathology and Non-Mulberry silkworms respectively. The teaching faculty is also participating in the college developmental activities in various capacities like administration, examination, and other extracurricular activities. Department is also supported by two lab technicians/assistants as well.

The department is well equipped with good infrastructural facilities for teaching and research in basic and applied areas of Sericulture. Yuvarajas college has been recognized as a research centre in University of Mysore. At present, Dr. Mahesha.H.B and Dr. Rohith L Shankar, are having recognition for guide ship in the subject Sericulture from the University of Mysore. Few students have been awarded by their degrees and few are still perusing their studies.

The syllabus adapted by the department is on par with the national level that includes recent trends and technology. That could be made possible by our own Board of Studies in Sericulture and members are being from various filed of Sericulture including national, state research institutes, universities, aluminise and industries. Meeting of BOS is being held regularly once in a year and restructuring of syllabus has been done once in three years.

The department of sericulture through the years has acquired a good number of equipments such as stereo microscopes, dissection microscopes, binocular microscopes, monolocular microscopes, centrifuges, colorimeters, gel doc unit, physical and electronic balances, distillation unit, dyeing bath, water bath, micro-oven, hot air oven, epprovates (silk reeling units), individual computers for teachers and also separate desktops for the department and classroom with printers, over head projector, slide projector, Silkworm rearing equipments, mulberry garden equipments etc.


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