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Welfare Schemes to Students
Free Mid-day Meal Scheme:

The College has introduced free mid-day meal scheme for poor students who are day-scholars.

The Poor students of the college are provided with mid-day meal only, through interest earned from the Corpus fund created by the college.

The Contributors (Donors) are

SL No. Name of the Donors Amount
1 Prof. Ushadevi Rs. 50,000.00
2 Sri G.V.Sunder Rs. 50,000.00
3 Prof. K Sumithra Bai Rs. 25,000.00
4 Dr. Devaki.H.P Rs. 10,000.00
5 Sri. Ramananda Shetty Rs. 10,000.00
6 Sri.D.K. Lokappa Rs. 5,000.00
7 Prof. B Vijayalakshmi Rs. 5,000.00
8 Smt. Parvathi Rs.3,000.00
9 College Fund Rs. 4,45,000.00


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