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Completed Projects
Sl.No. Year Principal Investigator Title of the project Name of the
funding agency
Business Administration
1 2006-07 Dr.C.Sumangala “Free Bicycle Scheme of Government of Karnataka-Issues, Problems and Prospects” UGC - Minor -
2 2006-08 Dr. J Rajesha Lipid Biochemistry –Characterization of Flax seeds UGC-Minor Rs. 1,00,000/-
3 2009-12 SR/FT/LS-047/2009 Dr. J Rajesha “Isolation & purification of nutraceuticals and functional food ingrediens from Indian flaxseed cultivars: elucidation of synergistic effects of bioactives”. DST-Major Rs. 13,78,800/-
4 2006-09 Dr. M.K. Mahesh “Effects of Pesticides on Physiological studies of rice” UGC-Minor Rs. 70,000/-
5 2005-06 Dr. K. B. Umesha “Synthesis and Biological studies of some Heterocyclic Compounds” UGC Minor Rs.65,000
6 2006-07 Dr. D.G. Bhadregowda “Synthesis and Crystallographic Analysis of Notrogen and Oxygen Haterocyclic Compounds“ UGC Minor Rs.65,000/-
7 2006-07 Dr. B.S. Sudha “Synthesis and Biological Activities of Benzophenone Derivatives with Haterocyclic Compounds" University of Mysore Rs. 60,000/-
8 2007-09 Dr. Shaukath Ara Khanum “Synthesis and Anticancer acitivities of Coumarins Analogues“ University of Mysore Rs.1,00,000/-
9 2006-08 Dr. Ravindra R. Kamble “Synthesis and Formocological Analysis og Nitrogen and Oxygen Heterocycles using N-P (Acetyl, Phenyl, SYdnone as Synthon “ University of Mysore Rs. 71000/-
10 2010-12 Dr. Ajay Kumar “Synthesis, Characterization & studies on their biological activity of pyrazoles & 1,3,4-oxadizoles." UGC-Minor Rs.78,000/-
11 2010-12 Dr. K. B. Umesha “Synthesis and biological studies on 1,3,4-oxadiazole incorporated with isoxazole and pyrazole derivatives” UGC Minor Rs.67,000/-
12 2012 Dr. Devaraju “Magnetic nano particle VGST Minor Rs.30,000/-
13 2012 Dr. Shaukath Ara Khanum “Synthesis of Coumarin Analogues as Neuroprotectantsin Drosophila melanogaster. VGST Minor Rs.30,000/-
14 2010 Dr. Yeshoda Nanjappa “Revisioning the Politics of Religion, Culture and Gender: A Feminist study of Recent partition Narratives by women”. UGC Minor Rs.1,05,000/-
Envirnomental Science
15 2011-12 Dr. S. Suresha “Bacterial Decolorization of a Textile Dye obtained from an Industry”. VGST Minor Rs.30,000/-
16 2011-14 Dr. S. Suresha Evaluation of Lectate Contamination and Impar of Urban Environmentation Ground water quality in Mysore City UGC Major Rs.10,75,423/-
17 2006-08 MRP(H)-312/2005(X Plan)/KAMY002/UGC-SWRO Dated 03-03-2005 Dr. M.R.Janardhana Acid Mine Drainage- A case study in and around an inactive Copper Mine of Kalyadi area, Hassn Dist, Karnataka UGC-10th plan Rs. 53, 000/-
18 2012-14 MRP(S)-1122/11-12/KAMY002/UGC-SWRO dated 13-07-2012 Dr. M.R.Janardhana “The abandonment of the Inagaldhal copper mine, Chitradurga district, Karnataka state: Impacts of sulphide mining on groundwater quality” UGC Minor Rs.1,50,000/-
19 2012-14 MRP(H)-1861/11-12/KAMY001/UGC-SWRO dt.28-09-2012 Dr. T. K. Kempegowda “Kuvempu Krutigala Bhasha Prayoga (Experimentation of Language in Kuvempu works) UGC (Minor) Rs.90,000/-
20 2010-13 Dr. S. Latha F. No.268/2009(SR) “A study of linear operators in geometric function theory” UGC Major Rs.7,61,012/-
21 2012-13 Mentor: Dr.S. Latha “Investigation in Fibonacci Sequences”. VGST Minor Rs.30,000/-
22 2006-08 Dr. S. Mahadeva Murthy Microbiological status of ground water in Mysore for drinking. UGC-10th plan Rs.25,000/-
23 2010-13 UOM/IOE/Research/1/ 2010-11 Dt. 22-04-2010 Dr. S. Mahadeva Murthy “Biodiversity, Bioprospecting and sustainable development” UGC Major Rs.6,50,000/-
24 2010-14 Dr. S. Mahadeva Murthy Ecological studies on microbial Diversity of serface water in Western Ghats(Biodiversity 100 Cr. Project) UGC Major Rs. 6,35,000
25 2010-14 Dr. S. Mahadeva Murthy Sources of Domestic pollution of drinking water UGC Major Rs. 7,35,000/-
Molecular Biology
26 2005-07 Dr. N. S. Devaki Isolation and preservation of fungal and bacterial cultures as tool for UG studies UGC-Minor Rs: 58, 000/-
27 2000-03 Prof. H. Somashekarappa Small angle X-ray scattering of silk fibres CSIR Rs. 5.7 lakhs
28 2005-07 Prof. R. Ganesh Crysrall growth and characterization… solar cells, applications UGC-10th plan Rs.75,000/-
29 2010 No.MRP(S)-541/09-10 Dt.08-01-2010 Dr. H.C.Devaraje Gowda “Crystal Growth and Molecular Structure of Some organic compounds” UGC-Minor Rs.49,000/-
30 2000-03 Dr. H.B. Mahesha Studies on resistance against nuclear polyhedrosis in silkworm Bombyx mori and its biochemical aspects UGC-Minor RS. 80,000/-
31 2005-06 Dr. Rohith L. Shankar Genetic approach for the evalution of Sex-Limited breeds of silkworm, Bombyx mori L through Hybridization UGC Minor 1,00,000
32 2005-07 Dr.H.B.Mahesha Biochemical investigations of nuclear polyhedrosis in silkworm Bombyx mori UGC-Minor RS. 1,00,000/-
33 2005-07 Dr. H.B. Mahesha Biochemical investigations of nuclear polyhedrosis in silkworm Bombyx mori UGC-Minor Rs. 1 lakh
34 2009-11 Dr. H. B. Mahesha “Studies on induction of resistance against nuclear polyhedrosis in silkworm Bombyx mori and its histopathological status”. UGC-Minor Rs.1,30,000/-
35 2005-2007 Dr. Chandavar Vidya R. “Immunocytochemical studies of the endocrine pancreas in selected species of reptiles” UGC-Minor Rs. 1,00,000
36 2009-10 Dr. Chandavar Vidya R. In situ hybridization of insulin and glucagon genes in two species of turtles- Melanochelys trijuga and Lissemys punctata UGC-Major Rs. 8.64 lakhs
37 2009-12 DV3/136/2007-2008, Dt.24-09-2009 Dr. Ashadevi J. S. “Evaluation of two essential plant extracts of Ayurvedic formulations on life span and reproduction using Drosphila”. UGC-Minor Rs.1,00,000/-
38 2010-12 MRP(S)-615-10/KAMY002/UGC-SWRO Dt. 30-11-2009 Dr. S. C. Jayaramu “Genetic relationship between inversions karyotypes, electrophormomorphic, morphometric traits and mating activities of Drosophila ananassae”. UGC - Minor Rs.1,80,000/-

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