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History of the Department

The Department of English offers language English courses for undergraduate classes and conducts M.A. and Ph.D. programmes in English. The experienced and young teachers of the department bring to the English class vision and vigor. The students who come from different regions with wide-ranging experiences make the English class truly multicultural and exciting.

Undergraduate English language courses offered in the first four semesters of the B.Sc., B.B.A., and B.C.A. degrees focus on improving the studentís ability to appreciate literature, read critically and write clearly. The continuous evaluation process of assignments, tests and semester exams seeks to help students learn various aspects of English language and acquire skills in using the language in society and academics.

The Master of Arts programme in English is offered through a Choice Based Credit System (CBCS). It facilitates students to develop an extensive view of literature ranging from Geoffrey Chaucer to the Romantics and Victorians to the writers of the present day. In addition, students can choose to study phonetics, feminism, partition literature, immigrant literature and contemporary Indian English poetry. The class strength of fewer than 25 students is favorable for focused learning. The students develop skills to analyze literary texts, formulate independent ideas and express succinctly. Those who graduate with M.A. in English have job prospects in academia, media and publishing houses.

Yuvaraja College being an autonomous institution of higher learning, the Department of English has independent Board of Studies and Board of Examination for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The Boards constantly work towards developing the curricula and reforming the evaluation process.

For the Ph.D. programme, the department follows the guidelines of the University of Mysore. The department has two research guides: Dr. Venkatesh Puttaiah, Head of the Department; and Dr. Yeshoda Nanjappa, Coordinator, M.A. in English programme. Two candidates of Dr. Puttaiah and three of Dr. Nanjappa have obtained Ph.D. degrees. At present, there are twelve research scholars from India, Iran and Yemen working for their doctoral degrees at the department.

The department library houses a good number of reference books, manuals, atlases, literary works and doctoral dissertations. It supplements Yuvaraja College library on campus and the University of Mysore library at Manasagangotri. The Language Lab run by the department offers all its students a series of English communication skills classes on customized computers and audio-visual tools.

The department regularly organizes lectures by eminent scholars and screens videos and films of relevance to assist students in their academic endeavors. The students of the department are always encouraged to participate in literary and cultural activities on various forums at the college as well as at inter-college and inter-university levels.


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