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History of the Department

In the year 1988 the department of Zoology has opened its doors to a wider section of the young inquiring minds, with the inclusion of Sericulture to the already existing Zoology (The department of Zoology was started in the year 1928). Department of Sericulture has become independent department in the year 2006. The department has a separate well-equipped laboratory, a mulberry garden and rearing house.

The present faculties have good academic records. Out of two lecturers, one is having Ph.D., and another is M.Sc., and doing Ph.D.,

      The department of sericulture through the years has acquired a good number of equipment such as: Stereo Microscopes (9 number), Dissection Microscope (4 numbers),  Labomed Binacular Microscope (1 number), Centrifuge, Refrigerator, Physical balances (2), Monopan balance (2), Electronic Balance, Colorimeter, Dyeing Bath, Over-head projector (with film strips), Slide projectors, Computer with printer, Hot air oven, Water bath, Distillation unit, Epprovites( Silk reeling Units), Rearing Equipments, Mulberry garden implements etc.,


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