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Computer Science

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History of the Department

                                  The department of Computer Science was started in 1989. The theory classes were held in the college premises and the practical classes were conducted by the staff of the University Computer Centre. The following staff was appointed to take up the teaching assignments:

  1. Mr. A M Sudhakara B.E., MBA, Systems Engineer
  2. Ms. Janaki Junior Maintenance Engineer
  3. Mr. S V Hanchinmani, Programmer

The practical classes were conducted at University Computer centre on mainframe computer i.e., Cyber 180/830A and Nelco mini computer systems. This arrangement was continued upto 1992. In 1992 Mr S V Hanchinamani, Programmer and Mr. C Puttaiah, Computer operator were deputed to this college to start a separate Computer science department. This department initially was attached to the mathematics department. The Unipower-30 was installed in 1992 connected with VT100 terminals from University Computer Centre and a Line printed of 300 LPM. Initially 30 students were given admission to Physics, Mathematics and Computer science (PMCS combination).
In May 1995 Mr. M S Veerendra Kumar, Systems Manager was posted as coordinator. After three months Mr A M Sudhakara, Systems Engineer was posted as coursecoordinator. In 1999 Mr. Doreswamy was appointed as Permanent Lecturer and with the help of other temporary lecturers the three-year degree course is being run successfully under the guidance of Course co-coordinator. During 1996-97 latest Personal Computers (four), Pentium –I were acquired.
A technical student club – F1 club was launched to conduct seminars, workshops, technical trip, magazine and library book distribution etc. This was solely done by student representatives from all the three degree classes. A separate digital laboratory with necessary digital trainers and micro processor kits were started to cater to the needs of final B.Sc. students.
Along with the above regular courses in 1993 short term courses (evening) like Office automation (2 months), UNIX and C (3 months) were conducted for the public as well as for the employees of the university. About 500 members of the public had been trained in above courses including employees from CFTRI, Mysore City Corporation, BEML etc. Due to this the department could earn about 3 Lakhs revenue.
Due to the technological revolution in the country, especially in the computer industry, infrastructure development has been given prime importance. In April 2000 a new computer laboratory with 10 PCs with LAN was established.
Now the department is catering to the needs of 248 students. The department intends to take up computerization of schools and colleges by creating of subject CDs in science, Mathematics, Social Science and Languages and also by training high school/primary school teachers in computers.
            The department of computer science through the years has acquired a good number of equipment such as: IC trainers (8), Microprocessor kits  well equipped Air condition (6), high configuration computers (25) laboratory and Server   and internet facility    etc.,


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